Wheaton Warrenville Education Association

The faculty has had a collaborative relationship with the administration for many decades. Is this because the teachers are overpaid? No, their salaries are in the middle of the range of salaries for comparable nearby districts. The president of the Wheaton Warrenville Education Association and the superintendent meet regularly to review issues and opportunities that arise. It is better for problems to be addressed and resolved quickly so they do not grow. I see a constructive relationship with all parties is committed to the education of the students. I have admittedly anecdotal observations of the teacher-student relationships and I see great evidence of that dedication. (My fifth grade teacher did not play kickball with us!)

One very important initiative that is supported by the WWEA is the development of a healthy connection between every student and an adult. This is so important in developing good social and emotional health and reducing the sense of isolation.

I am grateful that the WWEA has recommeded me to their members. I favor a collaborative approach to educating all our children. A confrontational relationship is not helpful to that goal.