The Illinois State Board of Education sets standards and expectations of what students should achieve at each grade level. The Board as an entity and with the recommendations from faculty approves curriculum and textbooks to meet those standards. Assessments show if the students are meeting those standards, and shortcomings can be addressed through coaching and other means to help those students who are struggling. Standardized tests are important but are not, and should not be, the only measure of progress in learning.

Our student population is diverse with diverse curriculum needs. Students will complete their time in District 200 and move on to a broad range of future careers. I am pleased with the offerings of A/P and dual credit courses as well as preparation for the trades and other paths of life. We should continue to review, expand, and update the curriculum to meet evolving needs and opportunities for all students. The Portrait of a Graduate also addresses communication skills, problem solving, resilient learning, and collaboration skills, all vital to ongoing success. I do not see a need to “fix something” but rather to ask questions and contribute toward assuring that the children in our District are getting a good education.

Parents may opt their children out of specific aspects of the curriculum and can limit by title and genre the books that students can check out from the school libraries. I believe that we should be broad-minded and not restrictive in determining the resources that are available to our students.