My Experience

 Public and Community Service

I have a long history of public and community service including ten years on the Wheaton City Council, five years on the College of DuPage Budget Committee, and two years (incumbent) on its Foundation Finance Committee. I have served multiple terms on church boards, chaired our Rotary Programming Committee, and served in Boy Scout leadership. I have been president, board member, committee chair, and committee member in numerous local and international professional, educational, and civic associations. 

My professional experience

My professional experience is entirely in the commercial real estate field. I have decades of experience in buying, managing, developing, leasing, and selling investment real estate on behalf of clients including pension funds, trusts, and families. Financial analysis has been central to this work. With over twenty buildings, District 200 has many roofs, HVAC systems, parking lots, security systems, and other components that need attention. I believe my experience can be useful in the Board’s oversight role.