John Rutledge for CUSD 200 Schoolboard

I am a candidate in the nonpartisan April 4th election for a two-year seat on the District 200 School Board. Schools are our largest local public entity and I saw an opportunity to use my varied experience and interests toward assuring their continued high quality.  I am not running with an “agenda” to fix something or make significant changes. When I have asked Board members about priorities, I hear about the teachers’ contract, budget, and facilities and capital maintenance and projects. I believe in oversight and not micromanagement. 

I am entirely self-funding the cost of  yard signs and other expenses and will neither solicit nor accept financial contributions from any source, within or outside the district.

Of the four-year terms, three are expiring and two current Board members are seeking to remain on the board. I highly respect the experience and contributions of incumbents Julie Kulovits and Dave Long who have served the District well. I also respect the commitment of Erik Hjerpe to the District. Erik served five years on the CUSD 200 Citizens Advisory Council, chairing it the last year. We are not running as a "slate" but as individuals. While I hope to receive your vote, I also encourage you to support Julie, Dave, and Erik. They are each highly qualified and have demonstrated a dedication to providing a good education to ALL the students of CUSD 200. They will have my vote and I hope yours.

Erik Hjerpe:

Julie Kulovits:

Dave Long:

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Thank you!